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April 2017 - Easter Triumph! Easter Joy!

One of the happy activities for children and families at Easter is the game of 'Hunt the Egg'. Little, foil-wrapped chocolate eggs are hidden around the house or in the garden for children to find, unwrap and eat. It is a good way for families to relax and have fun together. 

Perhaps not everybody knows that hunt eggs are often hollow and empty. This reminds me of one of the basic truths about the Easter festival - that on the first Easter morning Jesus' tomb was empty. His disciples had seen him arrested, taken away, put on trial and condemned, then put to death on a cross and his body laid in a tomb given by a stranger. Everyone, friends and enemies alike, thought it was the end. Jesus was dead and buried - end of story. 

Yet it was not the end, but a new beginning. When the women went to the tomb two days later it was empty and the body nowhere to be seen. Jesus' tomb was empty because he was risen from the dead and was alive for evermore. Very soon after that Jesus appeared in many different ways to his followers.  The love which made him come to earth to live, to suffer and to die for us was also the love that raised him from the dead. As one Bible verse puts it:

'It was not possible for death to keep its hold on him.'  

So Easter teaches us that love triumphs over death, light overcomes darkness, hope overcomes despair and every evil thing will come to an end - all because Christ is risen and offers New Life to all who believe in him.

So let's all rejoice and be happy, believing that Jesus is always with us and that his love gives us triumph and joy!
A Happy Easter to you all!  


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