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April 2014 - Empty Heart...Empty Life, Empty Tomb...Risen Lord

Holy Week and Easter come in mid April. Christians will remember Jesus' last week on earth, ending in his death on the cross (Good Friday), his burial, and they will then celebrate his Rising Again (Easter Day). It is the most solemn time, then the most joyful time, as we are led from death to life.

One of the loveliest Easter stories is that of Mary Magdalene meeting the Risen Jesus. She was a devoted follower, but had seen her Lord horribly killed. Her heart was broken and her life empty - 'gutted' as we might say. On the Sunday morning after Jesus' death she goes to the tomb to perform a last act of love - to anoint his body, which had been hastily buried two days before, for proper burial.

Imagine her sorrow when even this seems denied her - the tomb was empty and the body gone ...... Weeping, she turns round to see a figure, who asks whom she is looking for. Thinking it is the gardener, she makes the desperate, hopeless plea, “Sir, tell me where he is and I shall take him away."

Suddenly, the scene - and her life - is transformed. The 'gardener' is Jesus himself, risen and alive, appearing to her, speaking her name - Mary! Mary wants to grasp him, but he says, "No, go and tell my friends I am risen." So she goes and shares the news that changed all history. Her empty life is now overflowing with inexpressible joy!

So it is in our lives; without Jesus our lives are essentially empty of meaning, however hard we work to make our own happiness. But if we seek the Risen Christ he makes himself known, shares his Risen, Eternal Life, and transforms us with the warmth and light of his limitless love.

May you know the true joy and happiness of Easter!


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