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April 2011 - The Queen of Seasons and the Feast of Feasts!

Sunday 24th April is Easter Day and the start of the Easter season of 50 days. It is the festival of the Rising Again of Jesus after his death on the cross. These two events belong together, as they are the heart of the Christian faith. They both demonstrate the supreme triumph of God’s love - over evil and sin on the cross, and over death, our last enemy, at the Rising Again.

Why is Easter the Queen of Seasons and the Feast of Feasts, the most important time in the Christian year? (Christmas is great, but Easter is even better.) Easter is the foundation of the Christian faith, the reason why there is a Christian faith at all. If Jesus Christ had not risen from the dead the first Easter, there would be no Christianity, no Church, no Bible, no Christmas or any other Christian festival, Good Friday would be Bad Friday and all would have been lost - and you would not be reading this.

But because Jesus is risen, alive for ever and sharing his Risen Life with all who are willing to follow him, everything Jesus said and did falls into place. Easter demonstrates the truth of who Jesus is and of all he said and did. He is the divine Son of God, who came to this world, lived, taught, suffered, died, rose again, returned to heaven and reigns in love eternally, against whom nothing can prevail. His Rising Again is the promise of our Rising Again with him to endless possibilities of life, love and joy that begin here in this life of joy and sorrow, but are fulfilled hereafter.

May you have a truly Happy Easter.


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