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Helping and Giving

Helping our churches

Church flowersThere are two main ways of helping to sustain all the activities of our two churches. One is giving time. For example, people help with flower arranging, distributing the Parish Link, cutting grass in the churchyards, helping with Drop-Ins, cleaning the churches and arranging Galas.

Some of the work that goes on behind the scene may seem trivial but it is absolutely essential for the well being of the churches and their work in our two villages.

Another valuable way of helping is through regular or single donations. Like any family, St Thomas’s and St James’s has to pay its bills. Just to make ends meet, we have to raise at £950 a week.

We also rely on the charity of the community of Osbaldwick and Murton for raising funds through social events such as the Annual Church Gala, Quingo evenings and musical entertainments.

We do encourage all our donors to use the Planned Giving or Gift Aided Schemes, the backbone of our income. If the donor normally pays income tax we can reclaim the tax on these gifts from the government. This increases the value of the gift with no extra charge to the giver.

If you would like to learn more about our work, please contact one of the Churchwardens. If you would like to discuss donations, please contact Jack Booth, our Reader.

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