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Prayer of the Month - March 2019


Lord God,
Spring is a metaphor for change.
Some changes we eagerly await, and some we abhor.
Some changes we plan and others arrive uninvited.
To all these changes we ask the gift of Your perspective,
beckoning us to expectation, hope and rebirth. May the sunlight and the rain be reminders that You are at work renewing the earth.
As a God of renewal, You are ever at work in our lives, too.
Open our eyes and lives to the needed changes in our lives this Spring.
Awaken us to new life and perspective,for we pray in Jesus’ name.
(Prayer by Crystal Ayres)

With Spring comes new life, growth and flourishing, as the daffodils and other spring flowers remind us. There can be no growth without change. This is just as true in human life as in the natural world. What matters for us is our attitude to change. We can either look forward to it, as with a special event like a birth, a wedding or a new job. However, sometimes we resent change, particularly if it involves changes in lifestyle or treasured patterns of behaviour. Also, of course, changes my come upon us unexpectedly, some of which may be delightful - or disturbing.

The prayer asks God, whose love is always the same, yet continually dynamic, to pour the light of his love into our lives and to help us to see things from His perspective more than ours. If we can do this, instead of fearing change, we can reach our boldly, putting our lives into the hand of God and trusting that with Him, we can meet change in a positive, creative way, believing that whatever happens His infinite love is always the same and will never let us go.

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