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Worship and Prayer

Special Services

WaterAid logoWe celebrate important occasions in the church’s calendar with special services in our churches and in other venues.

These provide important opportunities to share Christian Fellowship with the wider communities within our Parish.

For example, every October we hold a Harvest Thanksgiving in Murton Farming Museum, when we are joined by other churches. It is always well attended and finishes with a supper. This service raises hundreds of pounds for Water Aid.

Another special service is our annual Christingle Service, held on Christmas Eve at 3.00 pm in St Thomas’s Church. For many families this is their Christmas service and the church is usually filled. ‘Christingle’ means ‘Christ Light’. This service began in Moravia, Eastern Europe, about 250 years ago and was very successfully brought into this country in the 1970s. It is held in countless churches and other places anytime between early December and early February each year. The ‘Christ Light’ is a small candle sunk into an orange, which is itself decorated with a red ribbon and, pointing in four directions, cocktail sticks covered with fruit samples. Every child is given a Christingle to take home.

The orange symbolises the world, which God made and loves so much. The four sticks of fruit represent the four compass points and the fruitfulness of the world God has made. The candle stands for Jesus Christ, the Light of the World, shining his light of love over our earth. The ribbon symbolises the blood of Christ, shed for us all on the Cross and by which the world is saved from sin and eternal death.

The whole service is a joyful celebration of God’s love in sending Jesus into our world, to show us what God is like and what we are to be like - people of love. That love is to be shown in the way we are to care for other people, whoever they are. As a practical demonstration of this, the collection at the Christingle Service always goes towards the work of the Children’s Society*. This is the Church of England’s special charity for the care of needy children, young people and their families.

New worshippers at the Christingle Service are always welcome.

*This is not the only support we give to the Children’s Society; we have a faithful band of box-holders who put money by for the Society throughout each year. In all over £1000 is raised each year.


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