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September 2012 - Let's Aim High

I have been watching Professor Brian Cox share with his viewers his amazement over the creation of the universe from the “Big Bang” to this time. This young professor makes an awesome point that everything in the universe is inter-related and the consequence is you and me. Next door to me is a person who can turn his hand to anything. He can build canal boats, keep a wonderful garden and do some awesome DIY.

Knowledge and skill are wonderful things but if we lose our sense of awe we cannot achieve full potential. Many in our community will be starting something new this September, be it at infant, secondary, higher education levels or a new working experience. It seems to me that we should always maintain a sense of childlike awe about the journey that lies before us all. It will lead us into all sorts of mystery and discovery which will enrich society.

Jesus gave good advice on the way of fruitful progress – we should approach everything we do with a child-like sense of wonder. Indeed he tells us that unless we do so we will not achieve. Professor Brian Cox expresses this sense of awe in the atom structure that underpins everything. Let our sense of awe affect everything we do to enrich all life from the highest level of discovery to the highest level of achievement – for Jesus said,

“If we live life with the awesome wonder of a child, we shall achieve the highest pinnacle of all – the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Jack Booth

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