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May 2015 - God's Future For Us All

May brings three important themes. Ascension Day (14th) is the day we celebrate Jesus's return to heaven, receiving the glory he had to leave behind to come to earth. Christmas, Good Friday and Easter are all one single story of God's love in sending Jesus to live, die and rise again to bring us all back to himself. This means that God has an eternal future prepared for us all in heaven.

"I go to prepare a place for you," Jesus said. So we are to live on earth with the perspective of heaven.

Yet that does not mean that Christians are to be so heavenly minded that we are no earthly use! Nor does it mean that the Church should neglect caring for the people and things of earth in its proclamation of heaven. The two go together - our hope of heaven and our life on earth.

For that reason I am glad that Christian Aid Week always occurs in the middle of May - this year from 11th-17th. During this week many thousands of people will raise/collect money all over the country in aid of the world's poorest people - not just for Christians, but for anyone and everyone in poverty. Christian Aid Week is a firm reminder that faith must show itself in loving, practical help to other people, far away or near at hand.

Then comes Pentecost (24th), 50 days after Easter Day, when the Church celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit on the first disciples and on Jesus's followers ever since. The Spirit comforts, guides and helps us to live more like Jesus and to love the world and all that is in it, as God loves. May the Spirit make us faithful and fruitful for God!

May God bless and keep you all.


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