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July 2017 - Hurting and Healing

For many people this year, 2017, is turning out to be terrible. In this country alone there has been so much violence, tragedy and sorrow, as man-made disasters have damaged so many lives forever. The Westminster Bridge attack, the Manchester Arena attack, the London Bridge attack, the Grenfell Tower disaster and the Finsbury Park Mosque attack have brought tragedy and misery to so many, and these hurts will last for a lifetime.

Yet, in each and all of these terrible situations other things have quickly emerged which demonstrate something wonderful. The magnificent work of the emergency services was shown very clearly from the outset of each disaster - the dedication of Police, Fire and Rescue Services, Paramedics at the scenes and the tireless work of doctors and nurses in the hospitals are all a wonderful testimony to the bravery and expertise that characterises their work on many occasions.

Added to this there is also the kindness, compassion, care, love and practical help of so many ordinary people’s goodwill, in such acts as providing water, food, clothes, shelter, listening and comforting, which is very moving to see. It is as if, in the face of evil and disaster, something greater moves us to reach out in love and care. In times of disaster people identify with one another in suffering and in the desire to heal and restore. This is basic to most people and it is wonderful to see this response so often and so clearly shown.

Tragedy and disaster do not have the last word; love and kindness prevail, however terrible the situation.

These acts of love can be - and are - made by anyone. This is basic human nature. For believers in God it is a demonstration of the conviction that human beings are made in the image of their Creator, who is Love. As Jesus said, "Whenever you cared for others, you cared for me."
May love and care always prevail!


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