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July 2016 - Come Dance With God.

When the Archbishop finished his pilgrimage his “schoolmaster’s” report to us was “could do better”. His vision for the Diocese is that worship will happen in every church every Sunday, and will be conducted by Priests or Readers, Church Wardens or Lay Worship Leaders. But the most important thing is to meet together and worship; to enjoy company together in a divine and secular sense with, and in the name of, God.

In our Parish this vision focuses our attention on St James’s Murton which only has a service once a month. How opportune it was that John Sentamu’s comment followed Archbishop Justin Welby’s call for the Church to re-engage in and with all aspects of secular society. And how timely it is for us who, at the end of this month, will have Bishop John, of Selby, dedicate the new facilities and kitchenette in St James’s church at Murton.

Our vision, from the start, was to open up the use of St James’s to accommodate worship of God and the village society it serves. I believe the two acts merge into one glorious daily worship of God in interaction with each other. Jesus, when looking at the attitudes of his generation to God’s invitation to join Him, likened it to Him, God, providing the music but no one was prepared to dance.

Is this mentality still among us? God is still providing the music hoping that all his creation, that’s you and me in Osbaldwick and Murton, will learn to dance in a joyful worship of God and in a celebration of our joint community.

May God bless us in our joy.


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