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January 2012 - Happiness Within

It might seem a little crass in these times to wish you a Happy New Year. Last year it seemed as though the rich got very much greedier and many others: well let’s say some have had a worrying Christmas and will continue to worry for the future. Unemployment is at its highest for some 25 years, home ownership is a mere dream for the aspiring first time buyer and pensions, the once guarantee of happy retirement, are under attack.

So where is this happiness we would wish each other? I suppose if material things are our happiness then we will surely not find it for many years to come, according to our politicians. Austerity is our lot. Yet if we seek our happiness in each other; people made in the image of God, then we will surely find it. Jesus said, “Where your treasure is there will your heart be also”. People are God’s treasure; that is you and me, so why don’t we follow God’s example in Jesus Christ - and find our happiness in the treasure that lies within.

Perhaps these hard times are necessary for our wellbeing in that they remind us what is truly important. They help us to notice each other more and more because we are all in the same boat on the tempestuous water of life.

So yes we can and must wish each other a Happy New Year looking for happiness in each other and especially in him who continues to calm the storms of life, even our Lord and Saviour.

Happy and a blessed New Year to you all

Jack Booth

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