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February 2019 - The Divine Present

The Christmas presents are now well received, in use, stored away or returned to the shop or even the church raffle prizes box as unwanted. The stress of purchase is over but sadly, for some, the cost of them weigh heavily on credit cards and minds.

I freely confess I find this a worrying aftermath of a festival which is meant to bring peace of mind and state to all. As a Christian though, I should not be surprised because God gave the world a present of his Son to bring peace and goodwill but, when presented to the Temple for his first religious ceremony to be witnessed by wise old Simeon, Simeon said this of the present of God.

"This child is destined to cause the falling and the rising of many … the thoughts of many will be revealed and a sword will pierce Mary’s (mother of Jesus) [and, presumably our], own soul."

Even God’s present to us, the peace-child Jesus, at Christmas is accepted by some then used and by others stored away, rejected or even ignored because it challenges us in our deepest emotional levels. Yet the Creator clearly believes that we need Christ in the struggle that is life on earth.

Jesus reminds us that to hold onto his present actively involves us in the divine peace movement. So please look closely at the generosity of God, receive His gift and make use of it by sharing it one with each other – it is in the sharing of God’s present that we will ultimately find peace for ourselves and the world.

May God’s peace be within us all.



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