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February 2011 - Five Years On...

Five years have gone by since St Thomas’s Church was re-ordered and re-dedicated on 2nd February 2006. The purpose of it all was to make the church dual purpose, that is - while keeping it as the parish church, to open it up to serve the social needs of the church and the community more effectively.

Since then a lot has happened and is continuing to develop. Not only do we use the church building for church social and fund-raising events, but there are also many groups coming into church to use it regularly for such things as Aerobics, Poetry, Keep Fit, Weight Watchers and other activities. We also provide Coffee ’Drop In’ twice a month and Buggy Service twice monthly. All this is really bringing to life again an old idea from the Middle Ages, namely that the church building should be the centre of the community and available to all ages and needs.

But the church is not essentially the building. It is the people who worship and serve who make up the Church and who are there, not just to serve ourselves, but to reach out to all others and serve them in Jesus’ s name, demonstrating the love of God in prayer, worship, fellowship and practical service of other people. As a famous Archbishop once said, ‘The Church exists mainly for the benefit of the people who don’t belong to it.’ So what can the Church do for you? And how can you support and help the Church in its service to others? You, your ideas and requests, are always welcome.

May God bless you all in 2011.



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