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August 2015 - A Time to do Nothing

August is an odd sort of month within the Church cycle. Very little happens, PCCs rarely take place, few Church decisions are made and fewer meetings are held. The great busy events of the Christian year seem passed, the annual Church Gala is over; by the way it was a wonderful Church and Village social event and it was good to see so many of you, but its too early to make preparations for the New Church Year.

So what’s to be done? The answer is very simple – nothing, for we need such a time, like holidays, to understand where we have been and to where we are going. So often we allow our busyness to rush us along the path of life mercilessly.

There is an anonymous wonderful quote, “Speak out of silence, act out of stillness”. It is believed it emanated from a quote in a tomb in Egypt some three and a half thousand years or so ago. What it means is to rest in the Creator as Jesus was prone to do during his very busy and demanding three years of active ministry on earth.

The thing is Jesus got it right, even with the cross in mind, by allowing God, his heavenly Father, time to direct his future; keep it on track so to speak. Well God is our heavenly Father also and maybe, instead of stumbling from one event to another, we go to God in silence and stillness to be energised for what lies ahead. In this way we are in control of the future because it is our heavenly Father’s will for us.

Have a peace-filled August.


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