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August 2014 - Let's Be Thankful

Last month I spent a weekend in Bath, the city in which I was brought up. I had not been back for some years, so I was immediately struck again by Bath's amazing sights - its Roman Baths (the best in the country), its medieval Abbey and its five thousand 18th Century Georgian buildings. When I lived there I often took all this for granted because it was so familiar. But when I returned I appreciated once again Bath's magnificence.

As we all know, we here in York live in an equally splendid city and county and perhaps, as I did, we take it for granted until someone or something makes us stop, think and wonder again about where we live and the things we enjoy. The recent Tour de France is a clear example of this. We all know that York and North Yorkshire are glorious places, but many of those who came for the first time, to race or to watch, were greatly impressed by the beauties and glories of the places through which they passed. Many will want to return and enjoy again those sights and splendours.

All this can teach us a lesson. So often, perhaps, we take for granted the good things of our lives and the people around us that make us happy. Everything we enjoy is a gift from God and a sign of his love and his providing for us. Instead of taking these things for granted, let's be thankful for all that we have and enjoy, rather than concentrating on the negative aspects of our lives, which can blind us to the wonder, beauty and goodness of God, which are all around us.

Psalm 100 says: 'Give thanks to God and bless his name.' Amen to that!


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