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Summer BBQ - July 2016

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The annual Murton BBQ took place on Saturday 16th July. The sun shone, the wine and beer flowed, hamburgers and hot dogs were consumed, amazing puddings, produced by master chefs, were scoffed in delight. All accompanied with Glenn serenading us.

Yes, Murton BBQ time again and it was enjoyed by over 120 in the garden of Murton Hall.

So many thanks for all those who came, to all those who helped, to those who gave donations and gifts, baked, put up tents, helped us carry 15 tables and over 100 chairs to and from Osbaldwick, sang, organised games, cooked the hamburgers and myriad of other things to help us. And thank you, sun.

A wonderful sum of £1,000 was raised for the Murton Centenary Appeal.

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